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This is the book that started it all, now in its second and enlarged edition, see below.

With basic woodworking skills, a modest work space, and only a few special tools, even an amateur can make an instrument fit for the concert platform with this guide. Fully illustrated instructions guide the builder through the entire creative process from choosing materials for the guitar to stringing and setting up.

The guitar created in this book is a steel-stringed cutaway orchestra model with 14 frets to the body joint. This pattern is ideal for the finger style player, providing excellent projection in bass, middle, and treble ranges. Plans are included for the entire instrument as well as detailed drawings of individual parts.

This manual comes complete with instructions on how to tune the soundboard, place the frets accurately, and adjust the action for comfortable playing.

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Guitar enthusiasts will love this revised and expanded edition of the popular Step-by-Step Guitar Making, packed full of handy information and expert tips. Learn how to make a steel-stringed OM cutaway guitar with 14 frets from scratch, following the clear step-by-step pictures and straightforward instructions.

There is no need to be daunted, as you will be guided closely through the whole process from choosing the materials to the final stringing up and there is even a full-size plan of the guitar to follow. Suitable for woodworkers who have a basic level of skills, this is a rewarding project to undertake and will no doubt become a family heirloom.

 When he walked the beat in the Gorbals as a young PC, Jack Buchanan’s idea of street justice was to take the perpetrator down a dark alley, thump seven bells of hell out of them and send them on their way

Now 30 years later DCI Buchanan is in Eastbourne, seconded to East Sussex CID investigating the death of an unidentified young woman who’d been found floating in the Sovereign Harbour, and also, why three weeks later a senior Sussex police detective’s body had been removed from the same marina, while still seat belted at the wheel of his car.

It was now a race to catch the killer before they struck again.

“The Penitent Heart,” is one man’s journey from despair to hope.

It is the story of Bill, a hapless househusband, who while being under the influence of alcohol causes a road traffic accident, and the subsequent death of the other driver.

Overloaded with stress and guilt, Bill suffers a debilitating emotional breakdown. Bill abandons his wife, Ruth, and her three young daughters by her first marriage, to become a cook on a charter yacht bound for the Amazon.

  That bird; the bird called, Horus, the Egyptian god of war. The very same statue the Egyptian temple priests entombed the soul of Horus in. The one Sam Spade called, The Dingus.

Nebuchadnezzar looted it from the Egyptians, Cyrus gained possession of it when he invaded and destroyed Babylon. Alexander seized it during his destructive invasion of Asia. The Roman Empire under Caesar treasured it in the temple of the gods. The Knights Templar gave it to Philip of Spain for the use of the Island of Malta, before it once more took flight in its never ending desire for bloodshed. Hitler sent his henchmen worldwide looking for it.

Some have possessed it without knowing it; others have died looking for it, wars have been fought for it. Now it’s stretching its wings again for the last time, ready for the final battle of good and evil. It’s now a race to find the elusive bird before it falls into the wrong hands, the adventure begins.

The Falcon, due for release summer 2016