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Writing for me is not just a hobby, or a way of creating an income, though both have a part to play in my writing enjoyment; I simply just have to write.

Sometimes I wake in the early hours, with my characters having a discussion, and if I’m not quick with pen and notebook I may miss the gem of a clip of conversation or a unique development to the plot. My mind is like an artesian well, stories, situations, video clips, and character conversations just bubble up and overflow, demanding to be told.

I have written magazine articles, a factual book on guitar making, short stories and  plays. But my greatest joy is creating and writing the traditional action adventure story. You know the type; hero lives a humdrum existence, is thrown into a life threatening situation, overcomes adversity, and escapes to live another day, except being a bit worse for wear.

Now I spend my days writing, giving talks, being a househusband and gregarious grandfather, going for walks with my wife, cycling, and tending my allotment.

Current Work

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This is the provisional cover for the book I’m currently writing.

Click on the cover for a sample of the first chapter